Búsqueda Laboral: EducationUSA Advisor

Búsqueda Laboral: EducationUSA Advisor
4 de mayo de 2021

New Job Opening: EducationUSA Advisor


Job Summary
The EducationUSA Advising Center at ICANA offers information and advice to our community about education in the United States, applying for study in the U.S., preparing for standardized tests such as the TOEFL, SAT, TOEIC, GMAT, and GRE, seeking financial aid for study, and information on scholarships and exchange programs. The EducationUSA adviser will work closely with the REAC, the PAS of the US Embassy in Argentina, other EducationUSA Centers and Binational Centers in the Country and the Region.

● Candidates should have a Bachelor's degree. Experience with the Argentine and the U.S.Higher Education systems, preferably by having exposure to both systems of education is a plus.
● Experience in leading groups of people and advising or university administration, or experience with international students and professionals helpful. Candidate must have comprehensive knowledge of the U.S. and Argentine education system.
● Proven ability to work in a team environment.
● Language proficiency in English and Spanish. Excellent written and oral communication skills consistent with those of an educated native speaker of English and Spanish.
● Managerial skills: planning, budgeting, and training, interviewing, oral presentations, proposal and report writing, and customer service oriented. Strong cross-cultural, negotiation and communication skills. Multi-tasker. 
● Availability to travel in Argentina, and occasional travel overseas.

The educational adviser works in collaboration with the staff at ICANA, the staff in PAS at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, and the Regional Educational Advising Coordinator at theUS. State Department, and carries out the following functions:

  • Ensure effective delivery of advising activities:
    • Provide educational advising services to students, scholars and professionals seeking to study in the United States. Information is provided in person, via e-mail, telephone, and social media.
    • Participate in the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns of EducationUSA
    • Give monthly presentations on different topics of EducationUSA and the 5 steps to studying in the U.S. These presentations take place at the BNC and outside the BNC. Provide information sessions about the EducationUSA for BNC community and generate students´engagement in the programs offered by EducationUSA.
    • Plan and run the Opportunity Funds Program and Competitive College Club meetings Network with U.S. university officials, scheduling presentations and visits.
    • Do outreach programs and network with Argentinian high schools, universities, and other. educational institutions to provide information about EducationUSA.
    • Generate contacts with high schools, universities, and other educational institutions, and open channels of communication with the BNC.
    • Plan and organize the EducationUSA Fair. Coordinate activities for International Education Week. Assist BNC staff in organizing webinar and outreach programs as requested by BNC.
    • Provide information about international testing such as TOEFL, GMAT, TOEIC, LSAT, and inform candidates about the programs that the BNC offers to better prepare students for these tests.
    • Provide individual advising and revision of university applications and individual application preparation sessions
    • Manage and implement special advising programs such as pre-departure orientations, outreach programs, in-country training for new advisers, EducationUSA Fair, and country workshops.
  • Collaborate closely with the other staff at the host BNC, the Fulbright Commission, and partner institutions.
  • Prepare funding requests, statistical analysis, budgeting and strategic planning for the department, and report them periodically to REAC, PAS, and BNC
  • Organize, promote, and participate actively in local and regional events.
  • Aid in developing business plans, annual plans, budgeting, marketing, funding requests, and strategic planning for income-generating activities.

Skills required
● Customer Service
● Interpersonal skills
● Leadership and self development

Location: ICANA – Maipú 672, CABA - Argentina | Currently working on virtual mode
Employee Type: Full-Time, Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm

To Apply: Please provide a cover letter, a CV, and a letter of recommendation, and send them to vmorghen@icana.org.ar. This position will be open until August 31, 2021. 

For more information regarding EducationUSA, please check www.educationusa.state.gov