Bilingual Job Fair 2023

Bilingual Job Fair 2023
23 de octubre de 2023

Join us for a unique opportunity!

The Regional Bilingual Job Fair is back on Nov 8, 2023.
Explore job opportunities, improve your resume, and enhance your interview skills.

In partnership with the Embassy of the United States in Argentina and the Network of Binational Centers in Argentina, ICANA is organizing the first bilingual job fair in the country.

This year, it will be held on site at ICANA Sede Centro: Maipú 672, CABA, on Wednesday, November 8th, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.


BNC Programming Opportunities

English & Spanish
BNC display of programs and services offered to the community.

Job Recruitment Opportunities

English & Spanish
Local businesses representatives are present at the BNC and meet with prospective employees (with good command of English).

BNC English Challenges

BNC offers 2 or 3 40-minute class with an emphasis on workplace skills. BNC show how they work in class, the methodology and the activities they use. Intermediate and advanced levels.

Simulations Job Interviews

One on one 15 minute live sample job interviews.

Guest Speakers

Live presentations by professionals in the areas of management, strategy, business communication, innovation, organizational culture. There will be ample space for Q&A from the live audience from the 5 participating BNCs.

Argentina 19:00 h.
"Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work" by Daniel Friel
Recent developments in the area of artificial intelligence are enabling firms to operate with fewer employees. Yet, they will continue to require humans for some jobs for the foreseeable future. This talk will provide an overview of exactly what jobs will still be needed and how people should prepare themselves for this new world of work.

Daniel Friel is an Associate Professor at the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been a professor there for the past 20 years. His research and teaching focuses on how institutions impact that strategies of firms. Professor Friel received a PhD in Political Science from the New School for Social Research in New York and has taught at universities such as New York University, ESCP in Paris, and Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. He has obtained scholarships from the Deutsche Academische Austausch Dienst (DAAD) as well as the Social Science Research Council and was a visiting fellow at the University of South Carolina. He has also conducted research for the Inter-american Development Bank and worked with companies across the globe on helping them adapt their practices abroad. He is currently working on a book for Cambridge University Press on how the future of work will differ across the world.

Network In Person: Meet HR managers and assistants face-to-face. Dive into job opportunities and make lasting connections.
Resume Boost: Get expert feedback on your resume. Learn what works, what doesn't, and how to stand out in the crowd.
Interview Practice: Hone your interview skills with live simulations. From introductions to tough questions, we've got you covered.
Engage with Speakers: Interact with industry professionals. Ask questions, share insights, and gain valuable knowledge.

Event Site in Buenos Aires - ICANA Sede Centro: Maipú 672. CABA.
Who should attend? Young minds (aged 17+), seeking first jobs or career changes.
Register for live job interviews in English.

Guest Speakers: Professionals sharing insights on management, innovation, and more.
Onsite Activities: From job recruitment to English challenges, we've tailored programs for you.

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All activities are free of charge and open to the public.

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